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...for affordable solar PV solutions. Electricity for ALL

We drive balances in society and the environment through stakeholders’ collaboration and partnerships, to help the “have-not communities” (peasants, low-income and individuals with no income at all),

to become communities of growth. 


These are challenging communities as they have been heavily impacted by inequality.  

With inequality, comes anger… With anger, comes violence…

With violence, comes psychological harm, maldevelopment, and deprivation.

We cannot solve everything, but we can put a dent in the world by offering, for those in need, simple things you and I have always had (basic needs such as water, food, clean air and clothing) and, no doubt, taken for granted.


There are a few other basic needs that we tend not to identify as basic: electrification, connectivity, education, and therefore the opportunity to attain reasonable income. Once all the above basic needs are at our disposal, they become just the starting point for growth.


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