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Are you a manufacturer from Europe or North America and believe in democratising solar solutions in emerging markets, please drop us a note by clicking the button below.


Our cost structure is not determined by margins to cover fixed costs, but by the ‘will’ of great people who are patient enough to allow us to grow at a natural pace for democratisation.  Our processes are being shaped because of the dialogue we have had with those who want to become non-consumers of local suppliers.


We treasure this as we are certain that local suppliers have not executed the intimate work we have done and will continue to do so.

We believe this is our main strength, the trust we have built with 100s of unhappy customers.


We are allowing ourselves to cultivate the right ideas, by setting up a trusting dialogue with communities, investors, banks, universities, and manufacturers as well as creating an open partnership with global and local universities to develop solar technologies with those foreign companies that are already far ahead in the journey.

Our asymmetric motivation, when compared to other well-established local companies, is to focus where inequality is highest. In strata 1 & 2, the agricultural business, peasants who have helped to develop Colombia’s main source of income but have been forgotten by the system and low-income households, who are keen to progress and create prosperity but lack the knowledge of business fundamentals.


Our ultimate purpose through a solid innovative profitable solar program unique in Colombia or even LATAM,
is to give these communities the opportunities they have not had and contribute towards solving social inequality through foreign companies and investments, strata 5 & 6, Colombian banks, universities and research institutions.

The Future Is 50/50 continues encouraging and educating everyone in the program to create growth from the bottom up, starting small with those non-consumers who are eager to learn new skills and apply the latest solar developments and know-how within the country, allowing us to accomplish a sustainable program that tackles the basic needs.


Today, solar energy for the low-income communities of Medellín, tomorrow for Colombia, LATAM and the world.

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