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Claudia has spent her career in the energy sector, holding senior positions with Royal Dutch Shell. She is currently a Board member as Executive Director of Business Strategy at Airdar Inc., a 15 year Canadian company that develops technology to measure and accurately quantify emissions and location of its sources. She is also the founder of The Future Is 50/50 Foundation. Over the years Claudia has worked in various parts of the world such us Malaysia, Oman, various countries in Europe, North and South America. She spent 13 years with Royal Dutch Shell, reaching the corporate role of Global Principal Digital Manager becoming instrumental in the development of today’s very successful and widely recognised Shell’s Digital Strategy in The Hague headquarters.


As a Mechanical Engineer from EAFIT University and with a Masters in Rotor Dynamics, specialising in vibration analytics from Cranfield University, she developed the Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Shell Malaysia and Canada, subsequently becoming accountable for the growth of the international Shell’s Predictive Maintenance Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Her contribution to the industry in Predictive Maintenance and Digital Transformation has had the attention of the international media and investors.

Claudia decided to change her career after visiting Colombia in 2019 when through two young North American entrepreneurs she realised that she has spent over 20 years contributing to other multinationals and countries, but never her own. In 2021, she funded The Future Is 50/50 Foundation that drives balances in society and the environment through the collective democratisation of solar solutions, aiming to accelerate decarbonisation in one of the largest biospheres of the world - Colombia. Claudia is an international speaker (English and Spanish) of Disruptive Strategy and Digital Transformation and dedicates 20% of her time advising companies and startups.

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Ezenwayi Amaechi Ejiribe

Dr. Ezenwayi Amaechi Ejiribe, Ph.D is the Founder and the Executive Director of Micro Enterprise Social Entrepreneurship (MESENow), a mission-based social enterprise business with the aim to offer holistic design support to women and youth in developing nations. MESENow’s vision is to build an ecosystem of women and youth entrepreneurs in developing nations. She has partnered with non-governmental agencies, governmental agencies, institutions, and individuals with synergistic missions to provide business coaching and mentorship as well as innovative research-based entrepreneurial training such as financial literacy strategies, operational strategies, and marketing strategies to women and youth in several developing nations.

Johana Ramirez

Johana Ramirez is a data-driven decision maker with 10 years experience in the O&G energy sector and strong skills in data science. Johana loves coding since she was a little girl but her passion and interests for “earth” (mountains, volcanoes, fossils etc)  made her study Geology in The National University of Colombia and to follow a master in Sedimentary systems at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. After working for several multinational oil companies (BP, TotalEnergies, Equinor) and living outside Colombia for more than ten years, Johana decided to come back to Colombia to work as a data consultant in the energy sector (solar, eolian, hydrogen, geothermal energies mainly).

Johana loves working with passionate people who care about their impact on people and the planet and who want to build a better and fairer world.

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Jhon Avilés

Systems engineering student at the University of Medellin, began his university career at the age of 16. Since the age of 11, he started to study and practice robotics; and became linked to the world of science and technology. Jhon has had the opportunity to visit 7 countries representing Colombia in different international competitions, demonstrating the technological capability of his country in the robotics sector.


Jhon is the co-founder of Tree Tech, a team of young Colombians supported by professionals to find solutions to problems in the areas of education, mobility, energy and health; leading them to technological and collective progress applying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines. Tree Tech is currently registered in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023 that will take place in Australia, from where they will represent all young people in Latin America. Jhon’s and Tree Tech’s work has been highlighted by different media in Colombia such as Caracol TV, Teleantioquia, TeleMedellín, Caracol Radio on multiple occasions.

Cristian Giraldo.jpeg
Cristian Giraldo

Cristian Giraldo is a student of Systems Engineering at Eafit University. He is a passionate, committed, visionary and creator of technology and innovation since the moment in which he became aware that the education system and the technological developments in the country needed to change. From theory to practice, at a very young age he managed to be in various countries globally shifting Colombia’s name being ranked amongst 100s to be amongst the top 10 in robotics. Cristian is also a co-founder of Tree Tech one of the most ambitious projects he has undertaken in recent years.

Jader Daniel Atehortúa Zapata.jpeg
Daniel Atehortúa

A Systems Engineering student at the University of Medellín. His first approach to technology was while at school. He was able to observe how technology solutions contributed to change the world, but in many cases stayed in academic theory without practical and proven solutions. Upon entering University, Daniel looked for new horizons, met new people that shared his desire to work towards solutions that contribute to world development and in his search becoming part of Tree Tech.

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Maria Isabel López

A construction student at the National University of Colombia. Since she was little, she knew her love for nature and animals. She has always liked to discover and build things, walk in nature and learn from it. All these things led her down the path of civil construction that aims to benefit not only nature, but all living beings that surround her. She is another young girl part of a society with plenty of talent that today is paving the change and the future of Colombia.

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