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A Hope for Prosperity Market-Creating Innovation

Solar energy in Colombia is considered relatively new.

Solar park projects were authorized in 2018, implemented in 2019 and 2020, and there are more expansion plans in 2021 and 2022.

The focus of photovoltaic solar energy implementations in Colombia is currently for medium to large size companies / industries; Solar panel deployments in residential areas are minimal compared to similar deployments in Europe, the US, and even other LATAM countries. 2021 has seen an increase in solar panels for residential areas, but the implementation prices are not affordable.

14% of the population living in strata 5 and 6 is equivalent to approx. 560,000 people, of which around 100,000 households earn high incomes and could afford solar photovoltaic solutions. However, high prices become an impediment for these households to consider such an energy alternative. During our research, a common phrase kept popping up among the interviewees ...

"If prices could be considerably lower, we would not hesitate to make such an investment."


Marina, a recycler from the city interviewed


We approach those homes with a common question:

What is the problem you would like to solve by installing solar panels on your roofs and patios?

Their responses can be summarized as:

"... To reduce my electricity bills and at the same time obtain the same or better efficiency compared to my current supplier."

We also asked households if they were interested in developing new skills…

in strata 1 and 2 their jobs were builders, carpenters, maids, decorators, recyclers;

jobs that are not necessarily well paid in Colombia.

Some of the interactions are as follows: Javier, a head of the family, who works as a builder, said that if he could have an extra income, as a result of the surplus electricity that is stored, even if it is small, it would be alleviated, to some extent. The moments in which he does not get a job or can pay the internet bill so that his wife can access some cooking courses and thus sell some delicious sweets on the street.


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